University of Mississauga’s massive video game collection is a game-changer for research and education: CBC News

The University of Toronto Mississauga has acquired a massive collection of video games – ranging from vintage Atari titles to modern PlayStation and Xbox games – that will open up exciting new avenues for academic research, CBC News reports.

The collection, which includes over 14,000 games, around 5,000 magazines, and dozens of consoles and systems, was compiled by the late programmer Syd Bolton. CBC News reported that Bolton’s wife has contacted the U of T Mississauga to ensure the collection is preserved for public use. said Chris YoungHead of Collections and Digital Scholarship at the U of T Mississauga Library, whose team works to organize and catalog the collection.

Stephanie Fisherresearch officer at U of T, said she hopes the collection will help foster greater involvement in the game from underrepresented groups in the industry, while Siobhan O’Flynnassistant professor, teaching stream, in the Department of English and Drama at the University of Mississauga, said the collection represents an “amazing” scholarly resource.

“To be able to go back and play these titles with a perspective from 2022, and think about the impact of these games in their own moment and their cultural moment and in the context of design but also how we perceive it today , is going to be incredibly enlightening,” O’Flynn told CBC News.

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