10 soothing classical music compositions for children

Music is a part of life, whether you play an instrument or simply enjoy it by listening to it. And music can play a big role in raising our children. Music can help our children learn (like with the alphabet song) and can help them relax when we try to calm them down.

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But with millions of songs and compositions, how do you know which ones will suit your little ones best. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of classic compositions that we know will help soothe your child. So keep reading to discover ten soothing classical music compositions for kids!

ten Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

A very well-known composition is Swan Lake. The music composed by Tchaikovsky is not only beautiful, it is also soothing and relaxing. The beautiful melodies and harmonies of the piece instrument will help your child relax if you try not to upset him.

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This piece starts out soft, but adds more instruments to keep your child’s mind occupied with the music and not what was bothering them. Be sure to stop by Swan Lake if you’re looking for classical music to soothe your child.

9 Voice of the Spring Waltz by Johann Strauss Radetzky

Waltzes are a very popular dance, and are also soothing and stable when it comes to actual composition…and no one has composed a better waltz than Johann Strauss Radetzky. For his composition Voice of Spring Waltz, we really feel the spring atmosphere in the room from the start of the piece. This piece is composed in typical waltz fashion, but with a very uplifting sound from the instruments. So let your child enjoy the tranquility of spring, no matter the time of year, when Voices of Spring Waltz.

8 Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Mozart is a widely respected composer and his piece Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. This piece is great for soothing a berry because there are so many different harmonies and melodies happening at once to create a peaceful sound for your child.

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This piece is great because it starts from parts of the composition that are fast then slow then repeat. This allows your child to slowly calm down and ultimately feel rested. Make sure you don’t forget about Mozart when trying to soothe your child.

7 Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

One of the greatest composers of all time is Beethoven. His music is known around the world and is a favorite of all classical music fans. It wouldn’t be a soothing classical music list if we didn’t include it. His piece, Moonlight Sonata, is a beautiful ballad of love for the night and putting the day behind you. This composition has many deep notes to help relax the brain instead of playing high notes to make you feel more alert and awake. Play Moonlight Sonata the next time you’re trying to calm your child down.

6 Gymnopédie N°1 By Satie

Satie has created a beautiful piece that has a repetitive melody that you will also want to keep listening to with his work Gymnopédie No. 1. The composition of this piece is like a warm sunny day when the sun is about to set, but you can still feel the heat on your skin.

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We know that if you play this piece for your child, they will feel safe and start to relax and let their guard down. If you’re trying to soothe your child, give this piece a try.

5 Piece of Peace by Bill Evans

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Although this piece, “Peace Piece”, was composed in 1958 by Bill Evans, it can easily be considered a classic. Bill Evans was a jazz pianist, which means this Peace Piece composition is different from the others on this list because it has soothing, slightly modern music. This piano piece has a repetitive tone that is so soft and subtle it can put anyone to sleep, even you! Remember that when looking for soothing compositions for your child to play, you don’t have to stick with all the classical composers.

4 Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker

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Another amazing piece composed by Tchaikovsky is The Nutcracker. The Nutcracker is not only a soothing song, but also a feel-good song that helps calm your mind and lets you drift off into another world. This world they are drifting into will be one where they feel safe and at peace, no longer needing to stay awake or take action.

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And with the piece’s woodwinds and spontaneous brass sounds, this piece is perfect for stimulating your brain while teaching it to be calm. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be the winter holiday season for you to play this for your little one!

3 Meditation “Thaïs” by Massenet

You know, when the word meditation is in the title of a composition, it’s going to be relaxing. Massenet’s composition, Meditation “Thaïs” will certainly soothe your child. It’s a very quiet song that can put your child to sleep quickly if you have trouble calming them down. This is because the string section of this piece is very powerful and the star of the whole piece. Just make sure that when you put this piece on for your little one that you also turn off the lights so the music can really work its magic.

2 Stabat Mater of Pergolesi

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If you’re looking for a classic composition to help calm your child, then you want to listen to Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater. This piece has many amazing parts, all soft and soothing, to make sure your child doesn’t start. This piece doesn’t just have musical instruments, it also features singers.

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The voices in the room are just as fascinating as the musical instruments that are sure to catch your child’s attention and make them feel more relaxed. Next time you’re trying to relax your child, be sure to play this piece.

1 For Beethoven’s Elise

You’ll notice that this isn’t the first Beethoven piece to make our list and that’s because Beethoven created several classic pieces that people still enjoy listening to today. Für Elise has an iconic tone that everyone knows. And this piece contains many repeated lines and chords, making it perfect for soothing your child since they can listen and recognize these tones in the composition. Add this song to your playlist of music to play when trying to soothe your little one.

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