To take out credit in Switzerland.


More and more borrowers are choosing to borrow abroad. This is mainly due to the fact that a Credit bureau query is not required for a foreign loan. Particularly popular here are the loans from Switzerland.

If you want to take out a loan in Switzerland, you should contact a reputable credit intermediary. They work together with various Swisebank and can thus easily and quickly arrange the loan. The maximum amount for a Credit bureau-free loan is currently 3500 USD.

Who can take out a loan in Switzerland?

Who can take out a loan in Switzerland?

Can apply for such a credit all German citizens who are at least 18 years old. Above all, it is important that the borrower has a regular income. This must also lie within the attachable area and enter into a German checking account.

Another requirement is a permanent employment contract that has been in existence for at least 12 months. If these requirements are met, you can take out a loan directly in Switzerland via the Internet.

How to take out a loan in Switzerland?

How to take out a loan in Switzerland?

For this purpose, all credit intermediaries offer a corresponding order form on the Internet at. In this the borrower indicates his personal data and his income. However, before deciding on a particular agent, the existing offers should be compared exactly. On the one hand, you can find the cheapest loan and, on the other, a reputable broker.

These are recognized by the fact that neither an advance payment of the agency fee is required, nor is the lending made dependent on the conclusion of any insurance.

Once you have decided on an offer, it was enough to complete the application form online. If all the requirements are met, the borrower receives the credit agreement by post. This then needs only signed and provided with the necessary documents are sent back. If all the conditions are met, the loan amount less the agency fee will be paid out in cash or transferred to the current account.

Why is Swise credit so popular?

Why is Swiss credit so popular?

For over 30 years you can take out a loan in Switzerland. There are therefore credit intermediaries who have been active in this field for many years and therefore have excellent contacts with Swisebank. It is clear that only reputable companies can successfully compete on the market. Another plus is the unbureaucratic and anonymous handling.

You can apply for the loan conveniently from home and regardless of any opening hours. On request, the payment is also anonymous in cash. Thus, the own house bank does not know that a loan was taken.

Straight borrowers whose loan request was rejected in Germany so have the opportunity to still urgently needed capital to come. In addition, the Swiss loans are quite cheap and comparable to the interest rates with the loan offers in Germany.

Many banks in Germany make their interest rates dependent on the creditworthiness of the customer. If this is not optimal, then often much higher interest rates are calculated.


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