Credit for plastic surgery.

A special credit for plastic surgery will look for in most cases in vain in banks. The high cost of a cosmetic surgery are taken over by health insurance companies only in rare cases, since this is usually not a medically necessary procedure.

So if this is to be financed by credit, normal installment loans must be used by the banks. Since these are represented on the market in large numbers, a close comparison is always recommended. Under no circumstances should a loan agreement be signed hastily, because that can ultimately turn out to be a very expensive financing.

Credit for plastic surgery on installments – what should be considered?

Credit for plastic surgery on installments - what should be considered?

What is compared to a credit comparison over anything else is the cost of having a plastic surgery loan. However, each loan offer has certain features that can facilitate comparison. One of them is the interest rate. Generally speaking, the higher, the more expensive.

But nevertheless one should take a closer look at this factor, because interest rate is not equal interest rate. In general, by law, two interest rates must be included in the offer, the nominal or nominal interest rate and the effective interest rate.

The borrowing rate is the actual amount of the interest rate on the plastic surgery loan. Here, it is always advisable to ensure that this interest rate is fixed for as long as possible, ideally over the entire term of the loan, and is therefore not subject to any market fluctuations.

This simplifies the calculation over longer periods of time and you always know exactly which payments are due monthly. However, the lending rate alone is far from being decisive in a cost comparison.

Much more important, therefore, is the comparison of effective interest rates. Here, all price-determining factors are taken into account, from which ultimately conclusions can be drawn on the actual cost of the loan for plastic surgery.

Such factors include, for example, the already mentioned nominal interest rate, which serves as a basis for calculation, processing fees, repayment rate and disbursement rate or discount.

However, there are also costs that are not taken into account in the effective interest rate. This applies in particular to residual debt insurance, which is now offered for almost every loan.

The residual debt

The residual debt

Whether such a residual debt insurance is worthwhile, must be decided on a case-by-case basis. In principle, the higher the loan amount and the longer the term, the better the conclusion of a credit insurance. This works on the principle of a term life insurance, only with continuously decreasing contributions.

The contributions are in fact adjusted to the outstanding loan amount, which is why a residual debt insurance, especially at the beginning of the term can greatly increase the cost of the loan.

The insurance usually pays in two cases: at the death of the applicant and in the case of occupational disability, whereby the conditions here can vary greatly.

In addition, a payment for unemployment can be agreed. Here, however, only the installment payments for a certain period are taken over and not the entire credit for plastic surgery replaced.

The maturities for normal installment loans are usually between 12 and 84 months and can be chosen freely in connection with the installment amount.

To find the cheapest possible loan for plastic surgery, the credit comparison on the Internet is also recommended. A number of providers provide loan seekers with free comparisons at which the most important features can be checked at a glance.


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