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Renovation of Residential Buildings – How is Supported?

Renovation of Residential Buildings - How is Supported?

Level of funding and subsidy calculation: The calculation of the subsidy based on the energy certificate (planning or completion) is usually carried out as a loan, but a one-time subsidy of 40% of the possible loan amount can be claimed as an alternative. The subsidy is essentially based on the energy quality and the size of the components to be renovated as well as the individually approved surcharges and the capitalized renovation costs.

The maximum amount of the total promotional loan is limited to 1,400 per m eligible area or 90% of the proven costs incurred and capitalized, except for the revival bonus. One-time grants are limited to a maximum of 25,000 per recipient and building. For the basic or bonus support per component, the following U-values ​​must be achieved: plus the chargeable expenses (360, – / m2, but up to 60% of the costs) for other renovation measures.

Promotional loan

Promotional loan

The resulting total amount corresponds to the amount of the promotional loan. Calculation example: Initial situation: Renovation of the facades (200 m thermal insulation composite system) and the window elements (40 m, wood-aluminum) in the bonus phase as well as further measures (electric cables, cost estimate:? 8.000, -). Components: Component area: Production rate: Total: Facade: Additional measures (usable area * 360, – max 60% of the costs): With our renovation computers for single and multiple dwellings you can also in advance a non-binding overview of the amount of any subsidy for your renovations.

Regardless of the energetic nature, a development loan amounting to 1,500.00 per m2 of useable area and up to 90% of the total declared costs will be granted. Alternatively, a one-off grant of 40% of the loan amount, up to a maximum of 30,000, may be selected. However, the reported renovation costs in the building envelope must amount to at least $ 24,000.

The annual fee is paid monthly in installments on the first day of each month. With our rate calculator you can also get a non-binding insight into the sum of the monthly installments in advance for your reorganizations. To get a complete insight into all aspects of home remodeling and to download all forms and calculation tools, you will also find our article “Renovation of Residential Buildings – Overview”.